Mask Box – Atlantic Blue

California Kelp Yellow
Classic Black


COMING SOON: Currently every AGULHAS Mokarran Mask is delivered in the AGULHAS Mask Box, soon you’ll be able to buy it as a standalone product. The AGULHAS mask box is durable, water tight and comes in the same colour way as our Mokarran Mask and Cepedianus Snorkels.

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Category: Freediving Gear, Mask Boxes
Colour:Atlantic Blue
Dimensions:height 19cm and 11cm width – cylindrical

Durable mono materials

Recyclable at industrial level

Rinse in fresh water after each use. Keep O-ring lubricated and free from sand or dirt to ensure a smooth water tight seal. If there is sand or dirt on the O-ring, gently wash to clean. If needed, remove the O-ring, wash off dirt and sand, and reapply a small amount of lubricant before reattaching the O-ring. Avoid contact with solvents, detergents, alcohol and oils. Avoid sharp objects near the mask, as this can scratch the lens or puncture the silicone parts. Keep the product away from heat sources. To remove build-up of sunblock or similar, wash gently with liquid soap.Do not wash with anything abrasive as this can scratch the surface.


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