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The AGULHAS Mokarran Mask

The AGULHAS Mokarran freediving mask is one of our most innovative and high-performing products. But what inspired the design of...

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Freediving Mask Guide: How To Choose the Best Freediving Mask

Whether you've already dipped your toes into freediving or are just looking to get started, you will want a mask...

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Unravelling the Top 10 Snorkelling Locations of the US Virgin Islands

Have you ever planned a snorkelling adventure and found the ocean to be lacklustre? It happens. You pack the swimsuit,...

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Our vision: driven by a passion for protecting our blue wilderness, AGULHAS is committed to supporting ocean conservation, building community and striving to create a positive impact in all we do. With over twenty years of freediving experience, AGULHAS gear is designed by freedivers for freedivers, for use in the shallows or at depth.

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