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Dive into Paradise: 16 Scuba Diving Spots in Palau, Micronesia

Welcome to the mesmerising aquatic paradise of Palau, Micronesia! Prepare to embark on a scuba diving adventure that will leave...

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How To Increase Your Breath Hold For Freediving

Main Points Freediving is an activity which allows you to dive under the sea and discover what lies just beneath...

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Dive into Paradise: Maui’s Best-Kept Secrets for Snorkeling Enthusiasts

Picture this: Turquoise waters gently lapping at your feet, the soft Hawaiian sun warming your skin, and a world of...

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Our vision: driven by a passion for protecting our blue wilderness, AGULHAS is committed to supporting ocean conservation, building community and striving to create a positive impact in all we do. With over twenty years of freediving experience, AGULHAS gear is designed by freedivers for freedivers, for use in the shallows or at depth.

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