Polyamide frame, silicone skirt, polycarbonate lens, stainless steel screws, UVA & UVB protective lens

The AGULHAS Mokarran freediving low volume mask is suitable for all ocean exploration but designed for freediving.

The mask comes in and is protected by our durable, water tight AGULHAS mask box.

The mask’s curved single lens gives increased light and greater peripheral vision in the water.

The Mokarran mask is suitable for whatever face it fits. We find it fits adult faces better than children, and we are working on a model to fit smaller faces. Please contact us if this is something interesting you’d like to know more about.

You can take our mask to whatever depth you can equalize your ears and mask. Maybe that’s 100 meters or maybe it’s 5 meters. We hope your ability to equalize your ears allow you explore to whichever depth you’d like, but always listen to your ears when diving because they will be the limiting factor.

Yes, our mask is suitable for scuba diving. As long as you can equalize your ears and mask, you can take this mask to whichever depth you’d like for however long you’d like.

With its wide field of vision and low volume, you will see everything and use less air equalizing your mask, so many scuba divers opt for our mask in place of the traditional bulky options.

Rinse in fresh water after use. Avoid contact with solvents, detergents, alcohol and oils. Avoid sharp objects near the mask, as this can scratch the lens or puncture the silicone parts.

Keep the product away from heat sources and direct exposure to sunlight. Store in box provided. To remove build-up of sunblock or similar, wash gently with liquid soap, limiting any contact with the inside of the lens.

Please refer to the video and step-by-step instructions on our How To Page

It’s as simple as removing the stainless steel screws on the mask frame. Then, disassemble the entire mask and reassemble with the new lens in place of the old one. There is a video on the How To Page to further guidance.

Yes! Our modular mask was specifically designed to help you replace your lenses without having to throw the entire mask away in the process. Lenses get scratched over time, so replacing the lens instead of your entire mask makes way more sense.

The Mokarran Mask fits most faces. For sustainability reasons we want to limit returns, although we do offer returns. If you’ve found that masks fit you well in the past, this should be fine, especially if you’ve tried a low volume curved lens mask before.

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