Cepedianus Snorkel – Atlantic Blue

Classic Black
California Kelp Yellow


The AGULHAS CEPEDIANUS snorkel relies on simplicity over technicality. It’s all silicone material allows it to be streamlined at depth yet flexible when surfacing

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Category: Freediving Gear, Snorkels
Dimensions:38cm x 13cm x 3cm
Features:Replaceable mouthpiece

The problem with diving gear is that when one part breaks the entire product is destined for the landfill. The worst part is that the rest of the product is in perfectly good condition. What a waste. At AGULHAS we make our products repairable, so your snorkel never ends up in the trash. We are proud that our snorkel is repairable, modular, and durable.

REPAIRABLE: The AGULHAS snorkel is easy to disassemble. Simply pull the mouthpiece off and replace it with a new one. If you happen to bite through the teeth guards, you can simply replace the mouthpiece.

MODULAR: All our snorkel pieces come apart and have replacements if needed. Not only does that mean you can repair the snorkel, it also means you can mix up colors to have some fun!

DURABLE: We wanted to use as little plastic as possible. Plastic breaks down in UV light and over time becomes brittle. We decided to upgrade the snorkel material to silicone, which is much more UV resistant and much more comfortable.

Rinse in fresh water after each use. Avoid contact with solvents, detergents, alcohol and oils. Avoid sharp objects near the snorkel, as this can scratch or puncture the silicone. Keep the product away from heat sources. To remove build-up of sunblock or similar, wash gently with liquid soap, and rinse thoroughly.




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