Mokarran Freediving Mask – Atlantic Blue

Classic Black
California Kelp Yellow


The AGULHAS Mokarran freediving low volume mask is suitable for all ocean exploration. The mask comes in and is protected by our durable, water tight AGULHAS mask box. The mask’s curved single lens gives increased light and greater peripheral vision in the water. All parts are modular and replaceable.

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Category: Freediving Gear, Masks
Materials:Polyamide frame, silicone skirt, polycarbonate lens, stainless steel screws, UVA & UVB protective lens
Dimensions:18cm x 11cm x 7cm

GB Reg. Design Nos. 6284382, 6284383, 6284384, 6284385

Modular design
All elements are replaceable
All materials are able to be recycled

Product lifespan extended when stored in AGULHAS mask box

Before first use, NO TOOTHPASTE or BURNING please! Spit into inside of lens while dry, rinse and use. If slight fogging occurs due to water temperature, just spit again. The mask is treated with an antifog, please don’t rub or wash vigorously.

Rinse in fresh water after use. Avoid contact with solvents, detergents, alcohol and oils. Avoid sharp objects near the mask, as this can scratch the lens or puncture the silicone parts.

Keep the product away from heat sources and direct exposure to sunlight. Store in box provided. To remove build-up of sunblock or similar, wash gently with liquid soap, limiting any contact with the inside of the lens.




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